Samuel D. Prince House

Built in 1888, this gorgeous Queen Anne was one of the first residences on Fletcher Road subdivision in Bedford, Mass. The area was developed in the mid 1880s-1920s by Mary Alzina (Hartwell) Fletcher and he husband, Matthew on the former farm of Mary’s grandfather, David Fitch.

The Fletchers lived just down the street, in a super cute yellow home featured earlier this year.

Jerome Augustus Bacon had this house built in 1888 as a wedding present for his daughter, Clara Smith Prince, and her second husband, Samuel D. Prince, for whom the house is named. Clara Smith’s first husband was killed in an accident in 1883, and she purchased the parcel from Mary Fletcher in December 1887.

Previously, Jerome Bacon had had another house built on Fletcher Road, for his widowed sister and Clara’s aunt, Caroline (Bacon) Hurd.

Samuel Prince was an importer of wholesale woolen (1900) and a wholesale merchant in gloves and hosiery (around 1910-1920). By 1930, Clara had died and Samuel lived here with their daughter, Clara Dickerman Dutton, her
second husband, Lawrence Dutton, and their children. At that time, Samuel Prince owned a “gents furnishings” store.

Lawrence Dutton was designated the head of household in the 1930 census.

In 1959, an administrator, Philip Waldron, lived here with his family. The Koury family bought the property in 1962. Dentist Michael Koury, a dentist, lived here with his wife, Elaine.

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