Mary Fletcher House

This cheery yellow house in Bedford, Mass., is named for Mary Fletcher (1839-1927). She inherited the land in this area and, with her husband, Matthew, began its development in the 1880s. 

Built in 1850, the Fletcher house originally stood at the corner of The Great Road — Bedford’s main thoroughfare — but she had it moved up onto Fletcher Road, a street filled with some of the loveliest, character-filled homes in the town.

The house appears to be the earliest residence in the Fletcher Road subdivision.

Though Mary inherited the land in 1871, she didn’t begin selling lots until 1885. In 1926, she sold the remaining lots to Luella F. Sweetman and returned to Arlington, where she died.

Floyd Sweetnam, the oldest child of Luella and George Sweetnam, may have occupied the house after the Fletchers. The 1930 census shows the younger Sweetnam renting a house on Fletcher Road, where he lived with his wife, Janet, and three daughters.

At that time, his parents then resided in a house they had built up the street. Floyd Sweetnam grew up on Webber Avenue and he and his father were employed as paper dealers in Boston.

Adolph E. Van Laethem (b. 1908), his wife Gladys (b. 1912), and their son Frank lived here in 1963, retaining ownership until 1970.

The house has 5 bedrooms, 2 baths and 2700+square feet.

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