Hurd-Dimond House

Built in 1886, the Hurd-Dimond House is one of the first homes built in its subdivision of Bedford, Mass.

Caroline Hurd (1813-1902) purchased the property from Mary Fletcher (who lived across the street). Caroline was married to Isaac Hurd, who gallivanted to California for its Gold Rush (1848-49) and was never seen by his family again.

The Hurd family, which included three children, shared a home with Caroline’s youngest brother, Jerome Augustus Bacon, who had this house built for her. Caroline’s adult adult son, Charles H. Hurd, resided with her on Fletcher Road.

Vermont natives George M. and Mary Dimond, were a longtime owners of the house. The Dimonds acquired the property between 1900 (when they lived in Arlington), and 1903 when Mary Dimond was named as property owner.

George Dimond still lived here in the 1930s with his second wife Helen, who emigrated to the US from Canada in 1910. He was a correspondent for The Boston Globe and later became the newspaper’s City Editor. (My mom was a newspaper reporter for almost 20 years, so this little tidbit made her nostalgic for her newspaper days.)

The 6 bedroom, three bathroom home has 3,510 square feet. It last sold in 2004 for $662,500. It is in a National Register Historic District.

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