Plimouth Grist Mill

While this isn’t the actual grist mill made by colonists in the 1600s, this Plymouth location is a working mill that is a replica of the original.

Wakefield House

The Wakefield House is likely the first Mission Revival house in the Northwest, and was designed by a prominent architect who created some of the most well-known landmarks in Spokane, Washington.

Condemned Flower House

Is this house haunted? Maybe. But it was definitely a contributor to the downtown historic district in Benicia, California in its better days.

Bedford Town Hall

We’ve voted here; conducted town business here; perched on its stairs to scarf an elephant ear during Bedford Day. Behold this gorgeous Town Hall building in Massachusetts.

Battleship Cove

Battleship Cove in Fall River, Mass., is a non profit museum showcasing five US Navy Historic Landmarks.


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