Masonic Temple

It’s our first post from a new city/state today: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

If you’re somewhat new around here, we often bring Snickers on a Stick along when he can’t travel with us. More than a year ago, we took a poll to see if people would rather see flat version of Snickers popped into frames, or just the buildings with no dog. Out of more than 150 votes, only one person said nix the pooch.

So our Philly posts will all feature Snickers on a Stick. šŸ™‚

Here, he’s showing off the magnificently detailed Masonic Temple of Philadelphia.

According to the signage outside: “The 1873 Masonic Temple, a National Historic Landmark, is home to the Grand Lodge of PA. Its lodge rooms, featuring varied architectural themes, and its stonework, are widely acclaimed.

It’s prominence in size and location reflects Freemasonry’s importance in American history.”

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