White Horse Inn

Are you ready to hop in the wayback machine? According to signage, this structure in Ipswich, Mass., was built before1659. Let that sink in for a bit. This bad boy is at least 362 years old!

Innkeeper John Andrews sold this lot with a house to Richard Drummer in 1659, but only after being denied the right to keep his bar open.

According to historicipswich.org, Thomas Franklin Waters recorded that “The White Horse Inn was the object of much contention. Corporal John Andrews offended the sensibilities of his neighbors by keeping open doors or open bar until past nine o’clock, encouraging young men in devious ways. A petition of protest against the renewal of the liquor license was presented to the Court.

“Corporal John Andrews was for several misdemeanors complained of to this Court for selling wine by retail without license upon pretense of selling by the gallon and three gallons, and yet drawing it by the pint and quart, and for entertaining Townsmen at unseasonable tymes, as after nine of the clock.”

In the end, the court ruled against the way Andrews was currently running his operation. “Andrews was so angry about the verdict that he went on a rage and tore down the door of the home of chief marshall Edward Brown, the gate at Lt. Samuel Appleton’s yard, and Moses Pengry’s sign. He sold the inn and moved back to his house in Chebacco (Essex) where he was continually hauled back into court for running up debts.”

As for the house itself, the house was likely enlarged into its Georgian form around 1763, when Jeremiah Lord was its owner. It took its present appearance around 1800, and remained in the Lord family into the 20th century.

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