Diepenbrock House

This 1906 Sacramento dwelling was home to Melchior and Clara Diepenbrock. Both came from prominent families and came together to rock things out even further.

Melchior (1858-1928) was a well-known figure in early Sacramento history. He was the namesake for the Diepenbrock Theater, which cost about $100,000 to build and hosted all manner of sports and entertainment events. Sixteen hundred people attended its inaugural event — a performance of “The Lion and the Mouse.” He also had a 600 acre dairy farm outside the city.

Weird fact: While dove hunting one day in 1909, Melchior shot off the toes on his right foot when he accidentally discharged both barrels of his shotgun.

Meanwhile, Clara (1864-1937) was the daughter of Anthony and Margaretha Coolot, immigrants from Austria and Germany. Anthony started off mining, but found his fortune in the tobacco and notions business in Sacramento.

Together, they had ten children: sevon sons and three daughters.

The house is listed on the Sacramento Register of Cultural and Historic Resources.

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