George Goodman Jr. House

George Goodman’s massive, gorgeous Second Empire home in Napa, California (see yesterday’s post) was a showstopper, and he would have nothing less for his son, George Goodman Jr.

In 1891, the elder Goodman had this scrumptious Queen Anne built for his youngest son — then 23 years old — as a wedding gift. George Jr. worked as a teller, a job he held for a dozen years until he died of tuberculosis at age 35.

“This building represented not his own success, but that of his father,” says part of its entry on the National Register of Historic Places. “It showed that by the 1890s, Napa had a second generation of wealthy residents who were able to afford the trappings of affluence without doing anything to earn them.”

One of the most architecturally significant buildings in Napa, the Goodman House was placed on the National Register in 1997. It is now a boutique hotel.

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