Jones House

Built in 1850, this pink house in Acton, Mass., belonged to sons of Silas Jones (1787-1861).

First, Thomas Jones (1822-1873) lived here, followed by Daniel Jones (1813-1879), a grocery store owner in Acton Centre for many years. (Thomas Jones moved from here to a nearby house, since demolished.)

At one point, Daniel Jones was the proprietor of the Centre Store, known for its association with the Tuttle and Taylor families. He also had a store on the Common, but it burned during the 1862 fire. Map research from 1870 indicates that another store was located next to this house, and Daniel Jones was the proprietor.

Their father, Silas Jones, was an important citizen in the early 1800 establishment of the town center. He lived next door and owned much of the surrounding land.

Daniel, who lived here by 1870, was a member of the Davis Guard militia, as his father had been.

After 1880, Edwin Phalen took up residence here, and a blacksmith shop was on the property after having been moved from down the street. John Tucker, a blacksmith from South Acton, owned the property by 1889.

By 1889, John Tucker, a blacksmith from South Acton, owned this property. Legend has it that the fire of 1893 started in the blacksmith shop formerly owned by Phalen. It’s possible that today’s unattached barn was rebuilt and continued to operate as a blacksmith shop.

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