Goodman Mansion

After moving to Napa, California in 1855, George E. Goodman became a successful business leader and commissioned this mansion to be built in 1872.

Goodman first opened a general store, and with his brother, organized Napa’s first bank. He was additionally active in mining, real estate, railroads and viniculture.

From 1861-1870, he served as county treasurer from 1861-1870. He remodeled and made his house even fancier to reflect his position in life, adding expensive glass and wood trim.

When the house was completed in 1873, the Napa register praised it as “by far the most complete in its appointments, and most elaborate in its finish north of the (San Francisco) Bay.”

It is one of about three dozen remaining houses in Napa built before 1880. It is virtually unaltered and clearly reflects the era it was constructed.

If you think this is gorgeous, wait until tomorrow, when we post the elaborate Queen Anne he built as a wedding gift for his son.

The Goodman Mansion is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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