Grafton Simpson Barrow Rickard House

Known in Woodland, California as one of the “three sisters,” this elegant Italianate was developed in 1876 by the Rev. John N. Pendegrast and sold to J.P. Grafton, a Yolo County farmer.

The solid redwood home retains its original stained windows.

Nova Scotia native Charles D. Simpson bought the home in 1898 after coming to Woodland in 1887 and becoming a successful grain broker. In 1891, he married Caroline Schneegas, a member of the pioneer German family of Yolo. The Simpson family lived there until 1947.

In 1964, the again house was sought by a developer for demolition in order to replace it with an apartment building. But Howard Terhune said, “Nah, man,” and bought and remodeled it into a duplex, preserving the integrity of this beauty.

In 1979, Jeff and Starr Barrow bought the house and extensively remodeled it, converting it back to a single family home. They added the matching gazebo, a solarium imported from England, a carriage house, a basement theater and extensive stained glass work crafted by Starr.

When Tom and Betty Rickard purchased the home in 2003, they enhanced the architecture by adding heirloom colored paints and adding collections of antiques and furniture throughout the home, and landscaping.

The house received the city’s Heritage Home award in 1989.

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