Stephens-Joule House

When this unusual home was built in 1916 in Woodland, California, it created a bit of a stir in tts neighborhood of mostly Victorians.

Successful grain broker William Stephens and his wife, Florence, were its original owners and raised three children in this home, which remained in the family until 1985.

After that, Ann and Frank Joule bought it, renovating it and building a matching garden wall.

Built at the height of the Arts and Crafts period in California, this house fuses horizontal elements of the then-modern Prairie style of architecture with vertical ‘half-timbering’ from the Tudor period.

This medieval touch may have been influenced by architect John Hudson Thomas’ mentor, the great architect visionary Bernard Maybeck, who was attracted to older European forms. It stands today as one of Woodland’s most interesting houses.

Source: Explore Historic Woodland book.

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