Dr. Harris Cowdry House

We’re taking it back to the East Coast today, with the Dr. Harris Cowdry House. Originally a 1.5 story cottage, the Acton, Massachusetts house was built in 1830.

Cowdry (1803-1875) moved to Acton in 1828 when he married Abigail Davis (1807-1886). The house changed substantially in size and detail during Dr. Cowdry’s lifetime. The size was increased by 1850 and Italianate features were added in the 1860s or 1870s.

Besides practicing medicine, Cowdry was involved in local affairs, serving on many committees and as superintendent of schools. He was also an active member of the Evangelical Church.

The Cowdrys had two children: Arthur, who became a physician practicing in Stoneham, Mass.; and a daughter, Helen, who married Dr. Charles Little. Little practiced in Acton from 1866 until his early death in 1869.

Helen Cowdry Little remained in Acton, living with her mother in this house until 1886 when both women died.

During the early 1900s, John White owned the house. In 1920, the late Mrs. White’s home was used from 1920-1925 by the Acton Women’s Club for their clubhouse. In the 1950s, Misses Lincoln and Torrey owned the property and ran “The Bantam Workshop,” a crafts school for
young children.

From 1958 t o 1974, the house was the rectory for Acton’s Episcopal Church.

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