Callen Rhodes McGrath House

This 1873 home is the only remaining example of Gothic architecture in Woodland, California.

William Callen built the home, but only called it home for two years before he died, leaving his widow, Amanda, and their four young children. Amanda sold the home in 1877 to John M. and Mary Rhodes, who were pioneer settlers of the Capay Valley and owners of the Woodland Steam Flour Mill.

Rhodes was later elected to the Town Board of Trustees and was a delegate to the State Constitutional Convention. By 1889, the Rhodes retired and moved to Lassen County but kept the house as a rental. In 1896, however, they lost it to foreclosure.

It was owned by the bank until 1909, when it was sold to William and Minnie McGrath. The couple kept the house for 50 years, and Mrs. McGrath rented the upstairs room for many years.

John and Edna Bobo inherited the house in the early 1960s. Their son, Leo, inherited it from his parents in 1987, but it has been empty and boarded up for years. Leo planned to renovate it, but he passed away in 1989 and left the house to his son, David Bobo.

From 1992-1995, the house was stripped down the studs and rebuilt. The ceiling medallions and marble fireplaces were preserved. A local craftsman, Thomas Baird, was able to replicate the brackets and moldings.

In 1995, John and Pegee Laugenour bought the home from Bobo and finished the renovations.

Source: “Explore Historic Woodland”

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