D. W. Carmichael House

Built in 1898, this pretty old gal in Sacramento, Calif., belonged to Daniel Webster Carmichael and his wife, Myrtle.

Daniel Carmichael was born in 1867 in Atlanta, coming to California in 1885. After spending ten years trying his hand at ranching and bookkeeping, he finally organized the real estate firm, Curtis, Carmichael and Brand in 1895.

Five years later, he bought out his partners and renamed the firm Carmichael Company. He also invested in oil wells through his firm, the Sacramento Oil Company.

An active member of the Democratic Party, he was a delegate to the National Democratic Convention in 1900 and 1904. Carmichael was elected treasurer for the City of Sacramento in 1885, and in 1903 became treasurer for Sacramento County.

He was Sacramento’s major from 1917-1919 and served as Director of the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce for 18 years, spending three years as its president. He was also a member of the Masons, Odd Fellows, Elk and Sutter Club.

In 1892, Carmichael married Myrtle Robb, but they never lived in any of the areas her developed; they remained in this home.

He apparently moved to San Francisco, where he ultimately died at age 70, reportedly without a penny to his name.

This house is listed on the Sacramento Register of Cultural and Historic Places.

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