Richard C. and Phylis V. Bateman House

This two-family house in Acton, Mass., was built sometime between 1890 and 1929, which is the first time it appeared on a local map.

However, residents there could not be identified until 1955, at which time Richard C. Bateman, a 24-year electroplater, and his wife, Phylis, also 24, moved here from Lexington, Mass. They were listed as living at 30 Concord Road.

In 1961, they were listed as living in the other side of the house (32 Concord Road), with 30 being home to 39-year-old German born stenographer, Helga R. Sherman, and Stanton Sherman, a 36-year-old technical writer.

It is just steps from beautiful Acton Centre.

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