Ione Hotel

After scoping out the Preston Castle, we cruised through downtown Ione, California and hunted down a few gems, including the Ione Hotel.

According to its official website, “Serving Gold Country since the early 1850’s, the Ione Hotel is an icon of the wild days of the Gold Rush of 1849. The hotel was built to house miners and serve as a stagecoach depot for supplies and everyday commerce. Founded before the gold rush, Ione is a town rich with history.

In 1910, following a fire, the hotel was reconstructed as a single block and brick structure and named the Golden Star of Ione. It served as a hotel, restaurant and saloon until 1988 when another fire destroyed the building.

After a year and a half of extensive renovations, including a beautiful mahogany staircase and many beautiful mahogany accents, the hotel is once again serving guests.”

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