Plymouth Rock

Happy Thanksgiving from Plymouth Rock!

We have to admit, we expected something much more spectacular than this ordinary sized boulder that is now showcased in an enclosure.

Nevertheless, this is the rock where the Pilgrims purportedly first set foot in New England. According to a lengthy write-up on the History Channel’s website, the iconic rock was moved around town a handful of times over the years, in order to display it in more prominent areas. On its travels, it broke a few different times.

During its initial move, the top half of the rock was loaded onto a carriage, but the bottom portion broke and remained embedded in the sand. During another move, the rock fell from the cart and busted in two after hitting the ground. Meanwhile, parts from the base of the rock had been whittled away by people seeking souvenir pieces; another slab was taken and was used as a doorstep at a historic house.

In 1880, the traveling portion of the rock was returned to its original location and reunited with its base.

“Given all the whittling and the accidents, Plymouth Rock is estimated to be only a third or half of its original size, and only a third of the stone is visible, with the rest buried under the sand,” the website says. “A prominent cement scar is a reminder of the boulder’s tumultuous journeys around town.”

So perhaps it used to be much larger. But, 401 years later, it’s still there and that’s pretty freakin’ amazing.

Now, go enjoy some turkey, or tofurky, if that’s your jam.

We’re so very thankful for all of you history and dog lovers. Today and every day. ❤️

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