Captain John Hatch Jr. House

Built in 1750, this house was known for many years as the John Hatch House. John was a descendant of Jonathan Hatch, one of the original settlers of Falmouth, Mass.

In 1871, it was sold to R.C. Bodfish, who for many years was the secretary of the Falmouth Historical Society.

103 Main St. Falmouth

E. Pierson Beebe bought the house for $6,500 in 1901 to be the rectory for St Barnabas. Beebe then spent more than $12,000 to completely restore the the house to its original condition.

A three-quarter colonial, the windows have been replaced and ells have been added to the back. With the exception of the small side porch, and perhaps the addition of the open portico, still looks like an early colonial house.

The house is located alongside a busy tourist area on Cape Cod, and we love that they display their Black Lives Matter sign front and center.

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