Arnold House

Located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, the Arnold House was built in 1693.

It’s a rare, surviving example of a stone-ender, a type of building with a ginormous chimney end wall. These houses are unique to RI in the United States. However, the building form can be traced back to Wales, Sussex and the western counties of England.

Eleazer Arnold was a married landowner who had 10 children with his wife, Eleanor. in 1710, he secured a license for a public house, with customers likely being served in the great room or hall.

The house was passed down through the family through 1918, when the last generation of Arnolds without children died. Their great nieces and nephews gave it to Historic New England.

Since that time, two phases of restoration have taken place. The first, in 1920, was to explore and stabilize the structure. In 1950, it was restored to its 17th century appearance.

The Arnold house is a National Historic Landmark. It serves as a house museum and hosts an annual birthday celebration for President Abraham Lincoln, after whom the town was named.

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