Hamilton Hall

Built between 1805-1807 by noted Salem architect Samuel McIntire, Hamilton Hall was constructed as a social space for prominent Federalist merchant families of Salem.

It cost $22,000 to build and originally had two stores on the lower level. The store on the ground floor was occupied by John Remond who supplied the refreshments for assemblies in the Hall, while the the store on the corner of Chestnut Street belonged to grocer John Gray.

The building, named for founding father and Federalist party leader Alexander Hamilton, became a National Historic Landmark in 1971.

An additional plaque on the building reads: “In memory of Major General Marquis de Lafayette, soldier, statesman, citizen of France and of the United States on August 31, 1824. Lafayette was the guest of honor at a banquet held in this building.”

The building is used for private events, functions and weddings, and hosts a series of lectures that originated in 1944 by the Ladies Committee.

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