George Walcott House

I busted out my very best dog teef for this awesome house (and for Friday, of course)!

Built in 1895, the George Walcroft house is one of the earlier examples of high-style Colonial Revival architecture in Concord, Mass.

It was built for Walcott, one of the town’s most prominent turn-of-the-century merchants. He was partners with S. Herbert Holden in Walcott & Holden’s grocery store on Main Street, which had been in business since 1848.

Walcott’s father started with business partner Silas M. Holden, and George took over upon his dad’s 1877 retirement.

Elected Selectman for several terms in the 1880s, Walcott served as Tax Assessor, Town Treasurer and Water Commissioner. Meanwhile, Mrs. Walcott was president of the Concord Women’s Club in 1896.

Walcott died in 1920, and was survived by his wife and three daughters, Ruth, Frances and Esther. Mrs. Walcott probably rented out the property for a while, but lost it when it went into foreclosure in 1932. John W. Codding bought it the next year, and the family lived here until 1984.

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