Hart Mansion

This Sacramento, California beauty is one of the neatest houses we’ve seen, but is also the source of a lot of drama over the years.

Built in 1907 for founder of Sutter Hospital, Dr. Aden C. Hart Colonial Revival-meets-Craftsman home has the most impressive lion detail to greet you over the porch.

But if you Google this house, located at 22nd and H Street, you will encounter several wild stories:

  1. It’s most commonly known as the Martinez House, where the Martinez family lived before the father killed his wife and two children with an axe, burying them in the basement. This is untrue. No Martinez family has ever lived there.
  2. Another myth claims a previous tenant took his wife to the basement to torture her, with her death eventually occurring in the house.
  3. Stories that it is haunted AF, with paranormal investigators logging smells of cologne, photos of orbs and apparitions (including a ghost dog) at the window, and EVPs.

In a 2012 newspaper story, the owner at that time said all those things were hogwash, and that there have only been two owners of the house: The Harts, and his family, which bought the place in the 1940s.

However, many of those tales could have churned up because the house was abandoned and dilapidated for many years. A 1972 electrical fire started in the garage and damaged the back of the home, according to then-owner Pete Amoruso, and the place remained empty until 1990.

The family left again after the 1990 occupancy (fueling the haunted rumors), but the house remained furnished.

However, the extreme disrepair of its exterior, drew attention from neighbors and the neighborhood preservation district. It was added to the city’s Housing and Dangerous Buildings’ unsafe structures list.

Photo via Preservation Sacramento before the home was saved

In 2014 and 2015, Preservation Sacramento encouraged the city to force its wealthy owners to repair the building to save it from a wrecking ball, which, thankfully happened.

Still not sure if anyone lives there. We didn’t see anyone.

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