Frank Hanchett House and Barn

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Here’s a lovely, enormous pink house for your viewing pleasure.

Frank Hanchett was the second son of a tinsmith. Born in Lowell, Mass., in 1860, he worked as a store clerk, while his brother went into the tin business with their father.

Frank worked his way up in the grocery business and in 1885, became a partner at the produce dealership, Haynes, Hanchett & Company. In 1896, Hanchett moved his new wife and growing family into this new house, located in the prestigious neighborhood surrounding the Highland Country Club.

Frank and his wife, Etta W. (Sherman) Hanchett, had three children: Hazel, Sherman, and Walter.

Hazel lived in the house almost continuously until her passing in 1958. She briefly lived across the street with her husband Frederic S. Harvey, but after her parents’ deaths, the couple moved back in here.

In 1940, Hazel purchased the neighboring house and razed the dwelling, incorporating the lot into her side yard. In 1988, the carriage house was renovated and converted into apartments and is now known as a different address.

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