Samuel H. Emery Jr. House

Built in 1883, this Concord, Mass., house was created for Samuel Emery Jr., a Boston attorney and former shoe dealer who also had an interest in philosophy.

He served as the Director and Moderator of the Concord’s School of Philosophy when it was founded in 1879.

Some research says that Charles Emerson bought the house in 1890, while maps and
directories report that George Fiske was the occupant from at least 1892 to 1901.

However, Charles and Theresa Emerson, who evidently used the house as their winter residence, lived here from at least 1901 to 1909. Charles was the nephew of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and benefactor of Emerson Hospital, endowing it under the Deaconess association, partly in gratitude for the treatment Mrs. Emerson received at the Boston Deaconess hospital.

After Mrs. Emerson’s death, the house was acquired by attorney Edward Chase.

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