Ebenezer Lane House

We had something else set to post today, but this pretty spring scene from yesterday’s walk made us feel optimistic after a long, rough week. It seemed like the perfect thing for Friday.

The Ebenezer Lane House is the oldest surviving home on Pleasant Street in Arlington, Mass. Built in 1804, this is the oldest home surviving today on Pleasant Street, which is its own historical district and a ton of gorgeous houses.

Ebenezer Lane, who worked in Squire Whittemore’s card factory, was its first owner. It was passed down to his son, Washington, who co-owned an upholstery shop with business partner, George Croom. Lane family members lived here for more than a century. The house was sold to a Mt. Hatfield in 1911.

The property was originally a long, narrow, one-story house with a hip roof, but at some point, its gable ends were doubled in size and a third story was added. The alterations were due to the expansion of the upholstery business, which occupied the house. The third level was added as living space for its employees.

The enclosed front porch was added around 1870.

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