Acton Town Hall

Y’all, will someone please tell my mom I need some doggie sunglasses for these shoots? Do they even make such a thing?

Built in 1863, this Italianate Town Hall in Acton, Mass., is located on the site of the town’s Second Meeting House, which burned down in 1862.

The fire devastated town center, taking down Jonathan Fletcher’s shoe factory, a hotel, a store and tailor. A committee to build a new town hall was established immediately, and after some back-and-forth they eventually voted to rebuild at the site of the burned meeting house.

The construction of the town hall restored the sense of a center. Fletcher rebuilt his shoe factory and John E. Cutter rebuilt the hotel , known as the Monument House, situated on the southeast corner of the Common. Both burned again in 1893 but this blaze didn’t cross Main Street to harm town hall.

In 1987-1988, the building was remodeled and and additions were made to ensure space for town offices. Architect Robert Neilly was responsible for its design.

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