Ye Old Burying Ground

Ye Old Burying Ground is the oldest cemetery in Lexington, Mass., with the most aged tombstone dating back to 1690.

Many notable Lexington settlers are buried here, along with soldiers from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. A British soldier who was injured on the Battle Green, dying a few days later at the Buckman Tavern, calls this his final resting place.

My family lived in Lexington for four years and never realized this graveyard was tucked back here, behind a few houses, right off the main street in town.

As much as my mom loves cemeteries (and I mean, LOVES), we didn’t walk around inside too much this day. (So many of the grave markers are super close together, and Mom didn’t want me to relieve myself anywhere inappropriate.)

So, she’s going back here on her own sometime to check it out further.

For more information, check out the website.

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