Ebenezer McIntosh House

The keeper of the McIntosh Tavern, Ebenezer McIntosh built this house for himself in Needham, Mass., after his wife died in 1822. He was the son of Revolutionary War hero Colonel William McIntosh.

Dr. Josiah Noyes bought the house in 1834. He was the first trained medical doctor to practice in Needham, and a staunch abolitionist who organized the Needham Anti-Slavery Society.

He also extensively studied botany as well.

The Needham Public Schools’ website offered the following amusing story of Noyes: Known for growing delicious watermelons in his garden, Noyes was often the victim of melon theft by area children. When he was unable to figure out the culprits, he injected some fruit with castor oil, which, when ingested, causes explosive diarrhea and severe stomachache.

When children showed up the next day with GI problems, his thieves were identified.

Don’t steal from Dr. Noyes, y’all!

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