McIntosh Tavern/Ezra Fuller House

At one time, this corner lot was the bustling center of Needham, Mass.

Established sometime after the 1800s by Maj. Ebenezer McIntosh, the McIntosh Tavern sat at the intersection of two main thoroughfares, attracting stagecoach travelers on their way between Boston and Dover. Ebenezer was the son of Needham’s Revolutionary War hero, Col. William McIntosh.

The tavern made its own beers and ales, but was licensed to sell the hard stuff, too. It served as the town’s gathering place, and a source of news and gossip, since travelers brought information from other areas.

The tavern remained in business until the early 1840s, when it was sold to Ezra Fuller Jr., who used it as a residence and also ran a country store there. However, the building burned down in 1844.

The Fullers likely stayed with relatives while a new house was built, finally completed in 1849. The hearths and chimney of the original tavern, which were not destroyed in the blaze, were incorporated into the new structure.

Fuller again ran a General Store and lived here until 1859.

The Ezra Fuller House has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and nearly 3,000 square feet. It last sold in 2015 for $691,000.

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