Wilson Farm

First, please excuse my shaved stomach in this picture. I may look dignified in most of my photos, but I’m also a dog fond of eating random things that aren’t food. Here, I had recently had a few x-rays after eating my pet sitter’s sock when my family was out of town. (Sorry, Tricia!)

It was a few years ago, so no worries, all is well!

Anyhow, on to this amazingly gorgeous Bedford, Mass., homestead. Known as the Lt. John Wilson House, or Wilson Farm, this house dates back to 1750. The write up we found was incredibly muddled and hard to understand, but here’s what I think is the gist.

Wilson established a corn mill nearby around 1683. This house is the original location of his house, though it doesn’t seem like this is the original. The carriage shed out back dates back to 1700.

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