Landmark Baptist Church

We’ve got a little Where’s Waldo exercise going on here, since Snickers matches this brick church, and the rain this day gave his fur some extra texture.

Built by the Methodists during the ministry of William G. Blakely, this church in Folsom, California, was built in 1860.

This Gothic Revival structure was the first kiln-fired brick building in Folsom, costing about $9,000 to complete.

“Adornment includes granite capstones and cornerstone quarried locally and exterior wood ornamentation shipped from Maine. The interior treatment was equally lavish,” according to the signage outside.

“In addition to housing Methodists, Presbyterians and Baptists, it has served Folsom High School, beginning in the fall term of 1922 (until their buildings were completed), and a variety of other public school needs until the mid-1930s.”

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