Bar of America

During our Labor Day weekend visit to Truckee, California, we had a delicious dinner at Bar of America, a historic building downtown. It was much to bright for Snickers to focus the next morning, but he did his best.

According to the official website, this is the story of this gorgeous brick delight with amazing vittles:

“The building where the Truckee bar is located has had many faces throughout the years. Prior to 1891, early photos show a stove and tin-ware shop at this location where the Bar of America stands today. Following a fire in 1891, a four-story Victorian hotel was built on the Bar of America site. Since then it has been the California Restaurant owned by Antone Mahne and Joseph Filipic, the California Restaurant later owned by the Bretthauers, and Essie Polyanch’s Restaurant. Eventually, it became the downtown Truckee bus station and yes, even a Bank of America. In 1974 Jack Leonesio leased the building and opened the Bar of America. For over 40 years now, the Bar of America has been recognized as the iconic watering hole in historic downtown Truckee.

When Ed Coleman and Robyn Sills purchased the space for Pacific Crest Grill, the adjacent Truckee restaurant, they also negotiated the option to purchase the adjoining bar, the Bar of America, and in two years they did just that. In 1999, Ed and Robyn revitalized the Tahoe bar and created a casual, fun atmosphere catering more to locals and providing a perfect alternative and complement to the fine dining in the adjacent Pacific Crest Grill. 

In March 2012, Tom Turner (and partners) acquired Bar of America & Pacific Crest Grill and will continue to operate the popular bar and restaurant as Bar of America. Bar of America becomes part of the family that includes Gar Woods Grill & Pier, Riva Grill on the Lake, and Caliente Southwest South. Synonymous with live music, good food and plenty of free-flowing libations, the Bar of America has been a popular hangout and weekend watering hole for locals and visitors alike and will proudly carry that long tradition into the future.”

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