Big Blue Christmas

Built in 1922, this East Sacramento house had a prime role in the 2017 dramedy, “Lady Bird.”

It isn’t the first time we’ve featured it, but it always looks so incredible during the holidays, so we’re back for more.

The house was originally built by William J. Rooney, the office manager for the Wright & Kimbrough Company, the real estate development center responsible for creating Kimbrough tract 24, now known as the Fabulous 40s neighborhood.

“The tract is Sacramento’s most well-known streetcar suburb, which began development in the early part of the Twentieth Century, as Sacramento City boundaries were expanding to the east and south,” according to the a form nominating the house for inclusion on the Sacramento Register of Cultural and Historic Resources. “It served as a prime example of Sacramento’s potential as a very attractive, productive, and livable community.

“Rooney’s management of the Wright & Kimbrough Company during his years of oversight resulted in a dramatic success of its production in terms of construction and sales, that helped spur other areas of the community to contribute to the surge of Sacramento’s housing opportunities during the 1920s and 1930s. He was a key individual in the direction and production of Sacramento’s residential housing during this era.”

It was designated a Landmark on the Sacramento Register of Cultural and Historic Resources in 2014.

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