Benjamin Fitch House

Built in 1906, the Benjamin Fitch house isn’t close to being the oldest in Lexington, Massachusetts, but it’s definitely one of the most stunning. As of the 1910 census, Fitch was 70 years old and living here with his wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Mary. Elizabeth was living here in 1924, while Mary was listed as its resident in 1926.

From a 1906 article in the Lexington Minute-Man:

“The frame is up and boarded in for Mr. Benjamin Fitch’s new house on the site of the former residence of Albert
Griffith’s family known as “The Lilacs”. The new building presents the appearance of quite a commodious
house. The old house which years ago was known as the Aunt Lucindy Munroe place, is now placed on a rear lot
of land to the east of its former position and is being occupied by Mr. Fitch’s family while his new house is
building. The old place just alluded to was also known at one time, before the Griffiths occupied it, as the D.
Cutts Nye place. The old ell of the main structure was moved off the premises on Tuesday and presented a
curious sight as it proceeded up Mass. avenue on wheels.”

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