York House

Located in Napa, California, the York House was designed and built by prolific local architect Luther Turton in 1892.

From NPS.gov: “Mr. Joseph Noyes, Director of Napa’s First Bank and brother of Frank Noyes, the Founder of the Napa Lumber Company, was its original owner.

In 1920, City Attorney (and later, Napa County Superior Court Judge), Mr. John T York, acquired the property and the York family lived there until 1985. The house sits on a comer lot of 120 feet in width by 108 feet in length with an overall area of 0.31 acres. The primary facade and entrance to the house is oriented east towards Jefferson Street, although both street fronting elevations exhibit a high level of detail. The house features a front and street side setback necessary to accommodate a modest unenclosed lawn area. The prominent palms still seen today were introduced circa 1895.

The York house is situated in the western side of the property with a small garage/workshop built in approximately 1924 located adjacent to the house and on the north side of the property.”

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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