Goldsmith Godchaux House

Located in the lush Garden District of New Orleans is the beautiful Goldsmith Godchaux House.

According to the signage outside: “In 1859, the architectural partnership of Henry Howard and Albert Diettel designed this iconic Greek Revival double-galleried home for the German-born liquor merchant Manuel Goldsmith.

The interior displays exquisite detailing, including stencil work and frescoed landscapes and seascapes by Italian artist Dominique Canova. Between 1870 and 1890, Bavarian Henry Abraham, cotton mill and press proprietor, owned the property. He sold the property in 1890 to the French immigrant “Sugar King” Leon Godchaux, who purchased the residence as a wedding gift for his daughter, Anna, and her husband, David Danziger.

In 1920, owner David Barrow Fischer established the gardens, which feature an exotic lotus pool and Alhambra-style fountain, recognized by the New Orleans Garden Society with several awards.

In 1975, Dr. Alan Sheen and his wife Joan, acquired the house as a nine-unit apartment building. Fortuitously, the new owners discovered the ceiling and medallion decoration that previous residents had painted over and meticulously restored it, as well as the famed gardens and its use as an elegant, single-family home.”

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