Fitch Tavern

Arguably the most well-known historic home in Bedford, Mass., behold the Fitch Tavern.

On the morning of April 19, 1775, 25 of Bedford’s Minute Men met here before heading to Concord to participate in what would become the first battles of the American Revolution.

Tradition says the crew ate cold oatmeal and drank warm beer, with Captain Jonathan Willson saying, “It’s a cold breakfast, boys, but we’ll give the British a hot dinner. We’ll have every dog of them before night.” (Source: The Bedford Citizen.)

Unfortunately, Willson did not survive the day. But the Fitch Tavern remains in town center, the aging building of Jeremiah Fitch, who ran it as a tavern

Local tradition claims parts of the building was erected around 1710, but deed research puts the main part of the home closer to a 1730 build date. The Fitch family acquired the property in 1770 and family members and descendants lived there for the next 183 years. It has been a farm house and tavern, a country estate and finally, a private residence.

It was originally associated with farmers Benjamin Kidder and Daniel Rea.

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