Arata-Baird-Graeser House

Happy Veteran’s Day! In honor of this special day, we’re featuring a home in Woodland, California that was built for W.H. Arata, a World War I veteran. One of the earliest homes to be built in the Beamer Park neighborhood of Woodland, California, it was erected in 1919 for Arata, a Stanford University graduate, mechanical engineer and owner of Arata Tractor Company.

After one year, Arata traded houses with the Baird family, who lived on Third St. The Bairds owned the home until 1947, when it was sold to local realtor Oscar Graeser. Bill and Joan Graeser Brownson are the current residents.

This rustic Craftsman bungalow with a vine-laden arbor is surfaced in redwood shingles, the eaves are exposed and the gables have plain fascia with no frieze.

It received the city’s Heritage Home award in 1994.

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