Beamer House

Built in the 1860s, this is one of the oldest homes in Woodland, California. Pioneers Richard L. and Rebecca Beamer bought this land in 1861, adding to farm acreage they already had.

Their first house was built around 1860 on a part of farmland northeast of here. The Beamer farm had 400 acres at the time. As they made more money, this house was built in the French and Monterey Colonial style. Later additions are influenced in Italianate.

After years in gold mining regions, Richard finally settled in Yolo County; he returned to his homeland of Missouri in 1854, bringing his family to Cali.

Beamer helped establish Hesperian College and was a member of the Christian Church. Known as Uncle Dicky, he was active in community affairs.

Richard died in 1879, while Rebecca lived until 1913. Neighbors at the time nicknamed the house “Grandma,” and were indignant over Rebecca’s humanitarian ways. She provided food for wandering tramps from the nearby railroad, and people called her house a “tramp hotel.”

Family heirs sold 130 acres and the house in 1914 to Kesytone Investment Company, which subdivided the land to create Beamer’s Woodland Park.

Helena Grant acquired the house in 1923 and it stayed in the family until 1942 when it sold to William and Mary Graeser.

It received Woodland’s Heritage Home award in 1989.

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