Kilgore-Laugenour-Cruson House

Built by Joseph Motroni in 1929, this Tudor Revival cottage in Woodland, California features the chimney as a focal point. Motroni was known for putting the initial of each original homebuyer on each house he built, however the “S” on the chimney here is a mystery as no “S” family is listed in any records.

The Kilgore family bought the home in 1931, but the next year, it was purchased by Eugene and Alta Laugenour. Mr. Laugenour was an appraiser and banker with Farm Credit Association.

By 1940, the owners were Paul and Helen Cruson. Paul was an assistant postmaster in Woodland and Helen was an assistant treasurer for Yolo County. Their daughter, Paula, and her husband, John, have owned the home since 1988, but didn’t move back to Woodland until 2000.

Paula and her brother, Jon Jay grew up in the house. All of its renovations were done long-distance via telephone from Georgia. Many of the shrubs planted by Paula’s father are still thriving in the garden.

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