Louis F. Geissler House

Well, this house has a loose tie to a famous dog: The pooch that stares into an RCA phonograph from the days of old.

The house was built in 1889 for Louis G. Geissler, who was general manager at Sherman, Clay & Co., a musical instrument retailer in San Francisco.

In 1905, he took a position doing sales and distribution for the Victor Talking Machine Company — a recording and phonograph company — and quickly became general manager, a post he held from 1906-1918. Victor Talking Machine Company operated independently for years, and later become RCA Victor in 1929.

Nipper (1884-1895) was the original dog model for the painting, “His Master’s Voice” by Francis Barraud, which became the trademark for RCA Victor. Nipper is often credited as being a Jack Russell Terrier or Smooth Fox Terrier, but was more likely a mix.

This beautiful house cost $4,000 to build.

Nipper the dog in the painting “His Master’s Voice” by Frances Burraud

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