George Schaffer House

Man, do we love a house with a historic plaque on the front. According to the one on this house in Truckee, California, this is its story:

“This building was originally constructed during the 1860s boom years, a period of unprecedented growth and prosperity in Truckee’s history. Its builder, and purported occupant, George Schaffer, was a legendary figure that helped shape Truckee’s growth during its early years.

The building was the main residence for Schaffer’s immediate family at its original Church Street location, probably until he moved to Martis Valley in 1871.

At that time, it likely continued to be intermittently used as a second residence along with his new home in Martis Valley, or perhaps was occupied by one of his numerous children.

The property was moved to its River Street address sometime around 1896. Despite the move, given the historic context, the building has a direct and significant association with the early development of Truckee.”

Along with Joseph Gray (see yesterday’s post), Schaffer opened the first sawmill in Truckee. He operated two mills in Martis Valley and lives on in as the namesake of the Schaffer’s Mill, a golf resort community in Martis Valley.

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