George T. Wright House

Considering how much time we spent staring at this gorgeous house, we’re feeling pretty lucky that nobody called the cops on us for stalking the place.

With incredible details to die for, the Queen Anne was designed and built in 1886 by prolific Bay Area architect A.W. Pattiani for $2,500. The house was designed as a Queen Anne, but in the 1890s or 1900s was enlarged and remodeled into more of a Colonial Revival style home.

In 1996, another attorney, Lynn Faris and her math teacher husband, John, purchased the home. There was dry rot around the porch, and the couple had a Queen Anne porch designed after studying many of the other homes Pattiani designed. Because there was no record of the original porch, this is pure speculation, but delightful nonetheless.

Its original owner was George T. Wright, head attorney at the San Francisco firm, Wright Wright & Larson.

Wright was also the founder of the Alameda Tennis Club.

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