Graham House

The Graham house in Spokane, Washington house was built in 1896. Its residents were the quiet type — they let their lovely house make the splash while they laid low.

According to “Large and complex with a porch wrapped around three sides, the Graham House possesses strong Victorian influences in its construction. The home was among the first houses to be built high on the South Hill as exclusive residential development had begun along the lower reaches of the Hill and only gradually crept to the heights above. The house was constructed for the family of Thomas J. Graham in 1896. Curiously, little is known about Thomas and his wife, Charlotte. Although the family was quite well off and had some connection to the mining industry, it is apparent that he was not one of the town’s more visible people and instead chose a life of anonymity.”

Honestly, if I had a house this cool, I’d probably be content to chill there quietly as well.

The Thomas Graham House is listed individually on the Spokane Register of Historic Places and is also a contributing property in the Booge’s Addition Historic District.

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