Monteverde Store Museum

Today marks our first post from the darling historic town of Sutter Creek, California. The town is named for John Sutter, whose discovery of gold in Coloma started the California Gold Rush.

Sutter Creek began as one of the small camps that formed in the wester foothills of the Sierra Nevada when people began flocking to the region in hopes of striking it rich.

J. Monteverde and his son, James, erected this building in Sutter Creek, California, in 1898. According to the plaque on the sign:

“Typical of old country stores at the turn of the century, opened in 1898. Over its counter and from its shed, the Monteverde family offered for sale all manner and description of merchandise. The Emporium served as meeting place for housewives, supplied audience for aspiring politicians and provided children with turns at penny candy counter.

Rose Monteverde, last of the store’s owners, closed the doors in 1971. Title to building given to city by Will with wish to preserve early history of Sutter Creek, opened to the public as a museum in 1992.”

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