Hubbard-Upson House

Today, we’re sharing castle vibes courtesy of the Hubbard-Upson house, built in 1856 by Isaac Miller Hubbard.

The son of a sea captain, Hubbard sailed to California in 1850. Hubbard built the first intercontinental telegraph, he and his father contracted to build the first railroad bridge across the American River.

He was the chief engineer for the fire department and was charged with pumping out the city during flood times which was no small feat.

His daughter, Adelaide, and her husband, Lauren Upson, lived in the home for many years. Upson’s father was the editor of the Sacramento Union during the 1850’s, and Lauren’s twin brother Warren, who also lived here, was a famous Pony Express rider.

Adelaide and Lauren’s son, L.S. (Stew) Upson made California history by being one of the fastest cyclists on the Pacific Coast.

This house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a contributing property on the Sacramento Register of Cultural and Historic Resources.

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