Plumedo-Gladwell House

Pioneer merchant Abraham Vedder was the earliest owner of this Placerville, California, property, built in 1860.

He sold the house to Henry Ollis in 1862. In 1874, the local newspaper mentioned the sale of the Ollis house to Francis Plumedo, saying the brick house was “undergoing substantial beautifying improvements.”

Plumedo and his family lived here for 50 years until his 1927 death. Another family member continued living here for an additional 22 years. Five other families owned the house before it belonged to well-known artist Ann Gladwell.

An Ohio native, Gladwell always knew she wanted to be an artist. She became a greeting card artist for Gebson Greeting Card Company, which was an unusual for a woman at that time. She married Charles Gladwell, who was in the Air Force, in 1952. After being stationed in France and Delaware, they moved to Garden Valley, California in 1963, where they raised three children: Malinda, Brian, Steven.

She was hugely involved with her children’s activities and the community.

In addition to raising cattle and children, she was a member of the Placerville Art Association and had exhibits of her pastel and watercolor paintings. She completed a series of four paintings showcasing small-town life, showing different views of Main street. One of the painting became the cover of the Sacramento Bee’s Home Magazine.

People loved it so much, it score her a job at the Bee as a graphic illustrator, which she did for 14 years. She also taught art at Edwin Markham School, where one of her students was Thomas Kinkade.

Gladwell died in 2013.

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