Marzen-Fitzpatrick House

Built around 1910-1911, this showstopping beauty in Sacramento makes us stop every time.

Located in the historic Boulevard Park neighborhood, the home was originally built by cattle baron and banking Marzen family, according to an old real estate listing. It was later known as the Fitzpatrick house.

If you’re wondering, Wikipedia says “Cattle baron is a historic term for a local businessman and landowner who possessed great power or influence through the operation of a large ranch with many beef cattle. Cattle barons in the late 19th century United States were also sometimes referred to as cowmen, stockmen, or just ranchers.”

I imagined it to be a fancy farmer, and technically, I guess that’s what it is.

According to Zillow, it’s got four bedrooms, three bathrooms and more than 3,700 square feet. It sold in 2000 for $455,000, and could easily get about a million more than that in this current marker.

It is on the Sacramento Register of Cultural and Historic Resources.

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