William Doyle House

You always remember your first love. When we visited Sacramento for the first time last year, this was the house that made my jaw drop. Of course, I’ve seen so many more since then, but this one will always be special to me. The ornate details, the paint job, the decorations and the huge orange tree out front (not pictured) — my God, it’s so delightful.

Irish immigrant William Doyle began farming nearly 400 acres when he moved to California in 1855. He became one of the first farmers to sell his property to make way for a subdivision. The land went to Alsip Realty Company, which developed the Oak Park neighborhood.

Doyle moved from the farm to the city in 1889 and bought this incredible 1880 house for $5,500 dollars.

A Mrs. E Doyle (wife? daughter?) was listed as living here in 1912, and was a member of the Tuesday Club.

It is a contributing property on the Sacramento Register of Cultural and Historic Places.

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